Success Stories

Here are some testimonials from our happy clients. While everyone's specific goals, level of fitness, commitment, and motivation is different, we hope that these testimonials help to inspire you with what is possible with the right trainer helping you along the way. 

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Dr Sam Chia - May 2017

I am a health professional who deals with acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems. I believe that maintaining physical fitness becomes even more important as you age and everyday I see the consequences of inactivity and inappropriate activity. I have been training with Tony for over 4 years and he has helped me to improve my fitness while at the same time preventing injury. He is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced trainer who takes a personalized and holistic approach. I can wholeheartedly recommended Tony - he will help you achieve your fitness goals and make a positive difference in your life.

Joe Dodds - February 2017

I am currently law Enforcement Officer and have been for the past 17 years. Over 17 years of service stress and misalignment had caused me pain to my right knee, which I did nothing about until one day I landed on it during the arrest of an offender. Over the weeks after this I saw several specialists with recommendations of surgery with no positive outcome guaranteed. After six months of no weights or running I equipped the services of Tony MURATORI. Tony took me aside and did a full evaluation of my movement and injury and explained to me what was my overall problem and the required approach to get me back to full fitness and without pain. Over the next few weeks Tony took me through the C.H.E.K approach using corrective exercises and stretching which was completely different to an ordinary personal trainer. I found his attitude and commitment to my recovery very professional and would recommend his services to anyone with a prolonged injury. Not only did Tony assist me in my recovery he provided me with the skills to perfect my training and my body's alignment and today I'm back up to leg pressing 400kgs and squatting 180kgs. Thanks Tony

Neville Banning - June 2016
The extent of my Operations in the last ten years would be too many too mention in a Testimonial so I will only refer to my last two operations involving Surgery to my Spine, the first was my Fusion with 10x50mm long screws into my spine & two metal rods through the heads of the screws to support the spine while the fusion took place, the second Operation involved one full week in Intensive Care and five months in Hospital with a total of five operations in just under two weeks to remove an infection that had eaten away 50% of a disk in my spine, I then spent three weeks in a Rehab Hospital before finally going home five months and three weeks after first going into Hospital.

The cost to my Private Health Fund for Antibiotics alone from the USA was never under $1,000 every day for the five months then in rehab two only capsules a day was $500 every day.

Despite the fact I spent every week in more than one of the so called Hospital rehab gym's at least twice a week for the two years previous to finding Tony I felt I was definitely no better off and needed to look at other alternatives, I decided I would join a Gym (Fitness First DY) and try working with a Personal Trainer at the same time and luckily for me the person signing me up to the gym suggested Tony, firstly because his spine had been fused like mine and secondly she knew his knowledge of the human body was nothing short of incredible so I then obviously decided to go with Tony, that turned out to be the best decision I have made in many years.

When I started to train with Tony I was amazed when he said to me we are going to target all the specific muscle groups that we need to work on to get you back to where you were and that is exactly what we did twice a week for just over two months and I knew nothing was going to happen overnight but I did notice I was slowly getting stronger in both my legs and back and then out of the blue came the proof that I was improving when for the first time in about three years I could walk up my steep driveway in a straight line and not go up in a zig zag fashion from side to side because of the lack of strength in my leg muscles I could also feel the extra strength in my calf, thigh, back muscles and core all working much harder so I could walk up in a straight line.

So after two years elsewhere and getting nowhere and after only two months training with Tony to be able to walk a straight line up my steep driveway can only be called a major milestone towards getting one's life back.

Tony has not only been a great Coach, Trainer and Mentor but has now become a great friend as well and I am very happy to give him my testimonial in the hope that it will help him as well as help someone else to get their life back like I have.

Simone Wall

January 2010

I started training with Tony, I'd had a spinal fusion 18 months earlier and was on Oxycontin and Diagesics for the pain. I could not walk for any length of time without a limp due to a bone graft from my hip.

April 2010

Thanks to Tony's dedication, talent and his training program I am now off all pain medication. I thought I'd have the limp for the rest of my life and now it is nowhere to be seen or felt, plainly nothing short of a miracle.

August 2010

My Neurosurgeon, Dr Peter Bentivoglio, Chairman of Neurosurgery, St Vincents Hospital had previously lowered my expectations on any plans to return to work in the near future, but was stunned by the progress I've made since my last appointment and has now given me the go ahead to return to work. I am now looking forward to returning to the workforce in October. This is entirely due to Tony and his training program who has given me back my career, my confidence, and my life.

Dorset, aged 61

Shortly after being diagnosed with severe OA (Osteo-Arthritis) in both knees, my Sports Medico suggested corrective exercise and shortly afterwards I started working with Tony Muratori.

At that time I was in extreme discomfort, was barely able to walk up stairs and had very restricted body movements. In short, my condition was having a very adverse impact on normal day to day activities.

Tony studied my X-rays and recommended a holistic, corrective exercise program, which I have been following now for close to 30 months with great results.

The program Tony constructed for me involved a corrective exercise program which embraced improving all primal movements as well as improving overall flexibility and mobility for my spine, back and major muscle groups. Through the last 30 months, Tony has supervised and guided me through many hundreds of corrective exercises and routines. This has resulted in the restoration of full movement and removed almost all knee discomfort entirely.

I had visited many practitioners before. However, the holistic approach, advocated by Tony has produced amazing results. Tony’s knowledge and experience as a Corrective Exercise Trainer is demonstrated by the number of successful cases under his belt. Tony is driven by the goals of his clients and he is always raising the bar to help me attain maximum performance improvement.

I now feel like an entirely different human being, with freedom of movement I didn't ever expect to achieve. I am able to squat and lunge at near max performance levels and without balancing aids. I also have significantly improved spinal /postural condition. My core strength has improved and I have considerably stronger glutes, quads, and calves. All this improvement means I have significantly reducing stress/pressure/discomfort through my knees/joints. Additionally, my over-all over body strength has improved greatly.

I have felt the success of the holistic approach across my entire anatomy. There really doesn't seem to be a limit to my capabilities on the Swiss Ball, using cables, gravity machine, and all the other corrective exercise equipment/aids.

My overall experience is hugely positive and I am indebted to Tony Muratori’s CHEK Institute approach to corrective exercise regimen.

Friends, family, and colleagues have all noticed and comment on my improved condition. Most especially friends have noticed the absence of facial expressions of pain during ordinary movements!

I would strongly recommend Tony Muratori to others, particularly to those of my age group (I'm 61) who are interested in improving body movement, flexibility and mobility associated with hip, joint, and knee issues.